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Your comment has been flagged for being neither positive nor constructive, but rather hateful and ignorant. Ciao!
lbrewer42 (author)  HarveyDanger2 years ago
Facts are not hateful. If you will reread, you will notice I deliberately made sure that nothing in the post was an opinion or an ad hominem attack.
The thing is, those aren't facts - they're statements and opinions gathered from hack "scientists" and psychologists (probably gathered from far-right "news" websites or Christian blogs) to give the illusion of fact and cover up a deep-seated homophobia (which is the correct word, by the way - that was a good attempt at misdirection and use of anecdotal "evidence" though). Claims of what the APA has and has not done, specifically, have been falsified by wherever you got them from, but that won't stop you because obviously anyone who says different is either a sheep or a pawn of the "MSM". Tinfoil hat mode engage!

This is a common tactic used by a very specific type of person, to put on airs of scientific objectivity without any of the actual objectivity. It's confirmation bias at its finest. You can deny it all you want but your own phrasing and word choice gives it away. Again, not attacking your character - you may be a very nice person. Your method of debate and attempts at factual statements leave much to be desired, though.

Furthermore, you may want to check the definition of ad-hominem again - nowhere did I attack you, I attacked your statements for being what they are: vile attempts to denigrate a human being and an entire subset of other human beings. It's a nice attempt at projection after making assumptions about the article author's character though.

This is the last you'll hear from me on this page. Feel free to get the last word and think that you've won. I've grown up enough to know at this point that it's not worth engaging the kind of person who makes arguments such as yours, lest I get bogged down in strawmen (see: your previous comment) and dirt.
lbrewer42 (author)  HarveyDanger2 years ago
I do not care anything "winning" This implies an emotional agenda motivates the person making the statement. Emotional agenda are exactly what i originally posted about.

As far as the definition of "ad hominem," I am very aware of its meaning and application, having been involved in debate for a long time. I appreciate your clarification though.

The sources that the stated facts come from have nothing to do with any news agencies or "far right" (cannot understand why every time something is said against sodomy that the people vying for it always assume (big word) this. They are not straw men (facts are not - emotionally motivated ideas and agendas are).

Where the information comes from is the APA. There are too many blogs/reviews/etc. out there that tell people what their interpretation of an idea is. People who are agenda driven will make this mistake.

Another common liberal trick is to call any fact anecdotal - almost a buzz word for them. It makes them appear as if their opinion is based on solid fact.

If you want something anecdotal - refer to your own statement of the idea that people who are disgusted by homosexuality are, in fact, "homophobic," and cover up a deep seated homophobia.

There is no fact in this. In order to be scientific, you would have to be able to lay out the thoughts and feelings of every person you call homophobic. True science and fact are, by definition, observable and repeatable. No one has yet invented a machine that can read out minds and display our true thoughts/motivations. So when you say people are homophobic, it is an assumption. Please do not make the mistake of confusing your idea as fact when it has nothing to do with science, but is opinion based.

The very nature of the liberal term (which is used as slander by the left on many occasions although I see you are not using it in such a manner), is incorrect because of the dictionary definition of "phobia," which has a dictionary definition of "an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something." Note the term "irrational." This implies no reasoning has gone into the process. However, you will find people DO put rationale behind their "opinion" concerning this matter.

There is nothing irrational about having a sickening feeling when acts of sodomy are thought of. Amy more than it is irrational to have a sickening feling when something gory is encountered.

This revulsion is totally rational as sodomy itself is unhealthy; is unnatural at the basest level (reproductive organs have a defined function for propagation); is defined as a mental derangement (please look up this term as this is not a slanderous term); and has absolutely nothing to do to specifically further a healthy, productive lifestyle.

What angers me greatly sodomy is it victimizes children (do some honest research - there is much more child abuse where children are subjected to an living situation with two adults of same gender).

Good, honest research into factual data as NOT reported by the PC media, but by studying the cases themselves (and yes, I DO dig this deeply to see results of studies and the people behind them b/c I have lived long enough to know too much is tainted to fit peoples' agendas). You cannot get less anecdotal than looking at the actual facts and data.

The genetic information concerning eye color is also factual - look it up! We did NOT know which genes defined eye color when this ludicrous statement of sodomy being genetic was released! This newsflash was putting the cart waaaaay before the horse. And when it was proven false, there had to be major backpedaling - although the general news media ignored it. The media knows that if you repeat something enough times, the people will believe it. Welcome to the time of over 30 years of a lie being propagated as truth and fact. - the media has gotten a lot of people to believe their agenda.

I have been in science (teaching) all of my life and am appalled by the lack of true science that is taught/reported in our current day and age. It has been degenerating more and more with each year.

And if you made it this far, I applaud you. Most people who are driven by a desire to "win" their point of view have been trained to not get confused by the facts; to call facts nonsense and invalid; and keep going without understanding the differences between fact and objectivity; and desires.

lbrewer42 (author)  HarveyDanger2 years ago
ignorance has nothing to do with stated fact. Rather your statement is solely ad hominem and therefore self-invalidating.

Sate some facts - please don' just throw emotion - its less than worthless

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