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  • Electric Brewery Control Panel on the Cheap

    I guess not really needed it was more of a concern of if I am running the SSR open for long periods then closed for short periods why not just run it full 100% if possible. The short amount of time it is off will not make much of a difference in the heating. Now that I am thinking of this is there a freq range I should be trying to stay in? I was initially trying to keep it very low. Thank you for the link!

    I have a question about the switch you made to the pwm. Are you able to get a 100% duty cycle using the 555 chip with a pot? I have been experimenting with different configurations and it seems that I can not get 100% (100%would only be used initially to get it to boil). Could you please share a little on your boil kettle set up? I definitely agree that this is the type of control route to go for this element. Great job on your build here!

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