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iceng1 year ago
Thinking, it's been quite a while since any text came from your direction ?

The strange sky color is the Huge Yosemite National Park Fire
about  200 Km south of Reno and sadly the corvid appears injured.

zelback11 year ago
I noticed your comment on the question "What kind of wood makes the best kind of bow?" And you seem to know what you are talking about... perhaps you would have the answer to my question too... Any advice, warnings you have for me would be welcome. Here's the link:
zelback12 years ago
I admire your down-to-earth way of talking. Sometimes people get so caught up in the idea itself that they fail to realize the reality of things, and you yank 'em right back where they belong before they can hurt themselves.
Keep up the good work.
Sincerely Yours,
lemonie (author)  zelback12 years ago
I like to find meaning in things, it's fun sometimes.


Cyclone17642 years ago
it was on adam buxtons bug and i thought it looked like your profile pic
lemonie (author)  Cyclone17642 years ago
It's a parody of Test Card F (Google it), so naturally they do look the same.

hahaha, good ol adam buxton :)
I thought I have been following you for months! I love your instructables and your comments are always genuine. Thank you
lemonie (author)  FlatLinerMEDIC2 years ago
Yes, I see you around, you're interesting (I asked a question about death I think?) thanks

canucksgirl3 years ago
:) ?
Hi, Im new to instructables and I happened to come across your profile and was wondering if you could give me some advice for instructables? I would really appriciate it. Thanks

Bartboy3 years ago
Since you replied to my previous question...
The Jamalam3 years ago
Hey lemonie, long time no.... type.
Hows it going?
lemonie (author)  The Jamalam3 years ago

Rather good, I went camping Thurs/Fri - what goes on with The Jam' these days?

Nothing much, more academic and musical studies, and less k'nex. Most of my creativity has gone with knex, so I'm getting more from martial arts. Other than that, I have GCSE's next year and then a huge summer. Looking forward to it :)