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KentsOkay7 years ago
I would like to extend a personal invitation to join the group Soul of the Sword.
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lennyb (author)  DELETED_freewheeler7 years ago
im not sure how a real luthier would do it.
but i mark the fretboard where i want them with a pencil then i very carefully saw a groove with a fretsaw {its a very small fine toothed saw kinda like a hacksaw but it doesnt have as much kerf as a hacksaw.
the frets have a groove on the bottom half that usually has teeth or a ridge sticking out i put some glue in the slot and tap the fret in with a block very gently.
remember to make the groove deep enuff and dont use too much glue just couple of drops
[if the glue can melt like hot glue you can take the frets out later with a soldering iron.]
theres lots of tutorials that cover it better online like theese.
i know ive seen more and if i find em ill send em to ya
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lennyb (author)  DELETED_freewheeler7 years ago
oh ya thats me all right hairy scarey hippy type dude. lol
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lennyb (author)  DELETED_freewheeler7 years ago
i had a look at your instructable{nice darts}.
your keywords are all up there ok .
but the instructable itself isnt showing up in the public page{i can only view it from your orange board].
i think maybe it isnt published yet.
have a look at it and be sure that you have published it{you have to push a button in the edit feature to do this. better yet look at this link
if that doesnt straightem out the problem ask one of the admins.
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lennyb (author)  DELETED_freewheeler7 years ago
ive only made one with 3 variants tried out on the same unit. i used a overload spring from an old pickup as a prod. i made it too long the first time and it was so hard to draw{300 pounds or so0i only cocked it once. i couldnt fire it because there was too much weight on the trigger and i had to cut the string to unload it. .after i shortened it by six inxhes which cut the draw weight in half i was able to load and fire but it was never designed quite right. it didnt shot arrows right{i didnt have any good crossbow bolts} and when i trided it as a pellet shooting variant i broke a window in my garage with a wild ricochet. my nut was just a simple round disk of aluminun with a step cut out of it and a spring loaded trigger made from the same stuff. it seems to work ok but the tolerances arent very close so it makes alot of noise when fired. hey you should make a simple design crossbow from scratch and post .it id love to see it. and i know everyone else would too.
lennyb (author)  lennyb7 years ago
the various spelling errors in the previous reply are a good indication of typing too fast
vrogy8 years ago
You made chainmail? Sweet! I've made lots of it in the past, and have been wearing a 4-in-1 bracelet woven onto my arm for about a year!
lennyb (author)  vrogy8 years ago
nothing looks cooler than chain mail. i tore my fingers up terribly making it though so i only have a big enough piece for half a chain shirt. i guess im going to have to make up some sort of powered bending jig and a better cutter. if i do i will post an insttructable about it. btw i use old clothes hangers as wire. what do you use?
vrogy lennyb8 years ago
I used that for a bit- the surface coating does wear off over time, though. If you're going for decorative, sells nice aluminum wire, and you could also use stainless if you're a masochist, or simpler galvanized steel. You can get 16ga galvy at Lowe's etc, it makes a nice weave when spun on 1/4" rods. For a powered bending rig, I used some scrap lumber and a powered drill to set one up, then made lots of coils all at once. You have to use a glove on the wire-feeding hand, otherwise you get wire-burn, and it's easy to screw up a coil... but it's way fast. I could get 40ish-ring coils done in about a minute each with practice.
lennyb (author)  vrogy8 years ago
i always burn my rings to get rid of the laquer and then dip them in oil to form a tough black oxide.{i reheat them after that to anneal them so they are easier to cut} actually the ring bending is not so much a barrier as the cutting is. the shock of cutting thrugh the wire with a hand operated cutter is just to much for my old and mouldy bones. need to make a foot operated bench mounted cutter or sumptin. i tried hacksaws{distorted the rings],dremels{too expensive} and a hand held nail cutter{ow} i suppose i could get the aluminum wire but i like my homemade toys to be functional.{why ive never made a replica flintlock,i`d never be able to resist loading it and blowing off my face] lol
lennyb (author)  lennyb7 years ago
im not sure but i dont think you use spaces. try it and see . if you need to you can ask one of the site admins im sure there listed around here somewhere.