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  • Build a Foundry and Sand-cast Aluminum.

    By far the simplest instructions on melting and casting aluminum that I have seen. Thanks for the great work!

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  • Auxiliary Aluminum T-track Fence for Your Table Saw for under $50

    I have a Delta table saw similar to yours. Could you please tell me how you made the router table that is attached to the saw?

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  • Cheap and Rad Roubo Style Workbench

    Great bench. I totally agree that 2 by 4 pine with a few coats of varnish is sufficient to take a lot of abuse.I made something similar. However, I do not have your skill and patience for the mortise and tenons, and certainly not your skill to make the bowties. I glued together 2 by 4s to make the legs. To make the mortises, I used a router to cut dados in the 2 by 4s and then glue them together with the dados facing each other to form the mortise. To fasten the side braces to the legs, I drilled a vertical hole in the side brace near each end, and squared one side of the hole with a chisel. I then used a bolt that ran horizontally from the leg into this hole and used a nut inside the hole in the side brace to fasten them together.

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