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May 18, 2016
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  • "Little Dipper" SLA/DLP 3D printer for under $500 (projector included)

    Also that rod that holds onto the build plate submerges into the resin along with the build platform. Wouldent the rod displace some of the resin causing the machine to be off? How does it deal with that?

    So obviously you have to fill the vat with resin, which poses a big question. With people building their own versions with different vats sizes and having these vats filled slightly differently each time the machine is in use, how does it know where to start the first layer? It obviously has to be extremely accurate. Do you just have to fill the vat to an exact point every time you print?

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  • "Little Dipper" SLA/DLP 3D printer for under $500 (projector included)

    Why did you do a dipping method? Wouldn't print times be faster is the projector cured the resin from underneath as the part gradually and without stoping for layers? Does that make any sense? basically the part would slowly pull out of the liquid without stopping. If I had the know how I'd try it myself.

    Wouldn't it make more sense for the projector to cure the resin from underneath? that way the stepper could just pull the part up slowly without stopping for separate layers? If I had the know how I would try it myself.

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