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Metal4God8 years ago
wheres Alvo?
lib7 (author)  Metal4God8 years ago
In Derby near Nottingham in ENGLAND
DrWeird117 lib77 years ago
Don't listen to everyone, those guns are pretty darn good. We don't get too many female K'nexers here!
Metal4God lib78 years ago
Danny8 years ago
Yay another one from england!
lib7 (author)  Danny8 years ago
lol yep english! most armericans here u own yuuu
Metal4God lib78 years ago
America is the BEST at least we don't have a queen!
Dude... We have George Bush. You think that's better than a queen? :P
Metal4God8 years ago
i see you like my Guitar instructable! did you lean anything? or did you just like it cause im your freind

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omg! its the instructables robot!
Baron A8 years ago
r u a girl?
lib7 (author)  Baron A8 years ago
well ov
Baron A lib78 years ago
well are you or not? a girl?