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I like sewing, crafts, and gardening. I have two grandchildren. One of my sons was a Marine.
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    Duct Tape Mannequin

    I looked at the mannequin because I made a head a couple of years ago. I needed one to measure for a hat; the store bought head was too small.I used leftover quilt batting roughly shaped like a head and needed to hold it togetherness. I had some white masking tape which worked well and added more batting and tape until it resembled the shape of my head (from photos). I drew ears, then a face. It was very useful in making my hat of knitted roses; I could pin the roses on with straight pins to see how the hat would look.Congrats on making an entire body! You did a great job!

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  • Home Depot sells a product called "method," which makes a foam cleanser. When it was empty I filled the bottle with Soft Soap and water. It is a foam-maker bottle. I don't remember the portion of soap to water I used. It doesn't take much Soft Soap in the bottle to make a lot of foam. Any soap or body wash can be used.

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