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happyjo4 years ago
DUDE!!!! Long time no talk!!! What's up?
lil larry (author)  happyjo4 years ago
I am extremely sorry, I've pretty much forgotten about this site since I've joined many other projects and school is breaking my back. I have a new sister like what me and my parents were talking about. I have a new internet service so my e-mail is different. We've had two little girls to adopt, but the first one was way too obnocious (or how ever you spell it). She had some serious anger problems. The next one (which my family just got today) is a little more toned down. We might adopt her luckily. My dog has matured more and stopped playing and being silly (like showing her belly all day long). IN the 7th grade now, the school is killing with homework. I spend more time on homework than getting on with life, but I have to do it for good grades eh? So, how are you doing?

e-mail: johnwoodward93908@comcast.net
Hey, it's ok! I haven't been on instructables much either ://
:D haha, wow, a lot has happened:D what are the little girls' names?
Awwww, willy is your dogs name, right? Haha, I finally got a pet cat! His name is Lyle:D yep, I have more homework this year too!
lil larry (author)  happyjo4 years ago
The first girl's name was Lyric. She was a mess becuase she's had a tough time. She had to leave. I feel bad, but it was just too much for everyone here. The next one, which I said, isn't as bad, but still a little bit on the bossy side. Yeah, my dog's name is WillIE. The "ie" is added on the end of her name spelling "willie" so it's female. Willy is for males...haha, I've been spelling my dog's name as a male. It's nice you finally got a cat! I finally convinced my parents to get a new computer becuase my old one is 7 years old, but still usable for games and programs from 2006 or under. This homework brought my grade from a B to a C. School's supposed to get really hard in 7th grade, from what I heard. We didn't get much rain here so the orchard isn't making much fruit. It's good hearing for ya! :)
Oh yeah, I remember you telling me about her before you got her.aww:( AHH, ok! Haha:D yes, I love my cat, he's a lovable lump of fur! What kind of compooter is it?? Awww, what class? Oh no, hopefully you will get some fruit! I think it's so cool that you have an orchard! It must be beautiful!
lil larry (author)  happyjo4 years ago
I have a dell computer with windows 7. It was supposed to be a gaming computer and it is working working out. Pretty much my grade average is a C. What kind of cat is it? Sometimes, in the summer I go out and camp out in the orchard for fun and listen t the owls yell all night haha.
AHH, cool! What games?? Cs are an average grade, do thats fine! He's a tortoiseshell :D ooh, that sounds cool! Owls are awesome:)
lil larry (author)  happyjo4 years ago
Games like these : http://halo.xbox.com/en-us/? http://callofduty.com/. Games like that, what an average teenage boy plays these days haha. I'm hoping for Bs next year. Is your cat shy? Becuase my cat was when she first saw me.
Haha, yeah! Yeah, just shoot for your best in school. My cat was shy at first, but now he's happy and very...hairy. :D
We are also watching someone's cat, and he is CRAZY!!
lil larry (author)  happyjo4 years ago
Yeah, some pets are wild. My friend Jevon had a dog that would practically tackle you when you called his name. Some pets are shy too like those poor pets in animal abuse. That's what my dog went through. So my dog only likes females and children. Since I'm growing more and more my dog is starting to mistake me as an adult now.
Yeah. Some dogs scare me. Like big drooly saint Bernard's. Aww, yeah, that's sad! But I'm sure she's in A much better home with you now! Oh no! How tall are you?
lil larry (author)  happyjo4 years ago
My friend's dog is blind, but it KNOWS where it is going by sensing its here or there. It's kinda cool. I get scared (and my dog) because every 3 years there's a mountain loin around eating up the deer and small animals. Last year, my neighbors lost there two goats becuase of the mountian loin. I'm about 5'5".
Oh my gosh! What an amazing dog! Wooooaaahh! A mountain lion! That's awesome (besides the fact that it eats nearby animals!) oh, haha! I'm 4' 11&3/4' xD
lil larry (author)  happyjo4 years ago
Yeah, the dog has an over chin and a funny facial expression. When I was walking my dog, I heard the mountain lion scratch on a tree to mark it's territory at a cliff.
Oooh, wow! What other cool animals are there?