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mlmccauley8 years ago
I'm interested in doing a project similar to this, but not using the controller you used. I understand that you are using a PWM output to generate an analog voltage to the lens unit, but I'm still not clear on: 1) which pins/wires are at common (ground) potential? Which are signal? 2) What is the maximum voltage you apply to the coils? (I expect that it's 0-+5V, but if not, what?) 3) About how much current do the coils draw? Thanks!
linefeed (author)  mlmccauley8 years ago
the pins are used in pairs - 8 and 9 is one pair for one coil, 10 and 11 for the other. ground is sometimes on one side and sometimes on the other. the opposite side gets 5V gated with PWM. this is so that the coil can deflect to both directions from the neutral. (positive and negative coordinates) actually the 8 pin has no PWM so that it is sometimes on 5V while the pin 9 has 5V or 0V using PWM. please look at the arduino code for the details. i have not measured the current, so i don't know how much it draws. i guess it depends somewhat on the actual lens head used.

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