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  • lingqiuJ commented on Sergei Dines's instructable Xbox 360 Wireless + Arduino2 years ago
    Xbox 360 Wireless + Arduino

    thanks for the quick response. i can pair both the receiver and controller with my computer now while i am still unable to get the receiver powered on Arduino. it seems that the shield just doesn't deliver power to the receiver. Because when i tested several other pins on the shield, they worked properly.

    sorry, but could you please be more specific? i just wired the 5v pin from my mega and the v_in pin on the usb shield. The next thing i saw was the smoke from the Arduino's processor.

    Hi,I am trying to turn on the receiver Light and troubleshoot it. In the troubleshooting section you mentioned, "Receiver Light Not On When Plugged Into USB Port ----- > Switch USB Port". But here is only one usb port on the shield. which one you want me to switch to. ps: does it have something to do with vbus bin?

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