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Keith-Kid7 years ago
6/8 instructables featured. Not bad!
Actually, 7/9!
linuxmom (author)  Keith-Kid7 years ago
I guess I learned well from LinuxH4x0r!! (Didn't know anyone was keeping track......
I'm stalkerish that way....you'll get used to it...
linuxmom (author)  Keith-Kid7 years ago
"stalkerish"....GASP......ask LinuxH4x0r, I'm an old woman!
um....I was kidding......GASP! you gasp a lot......
jakee1178 years ago
HI!!! I finally got some photos from northern tier up. check it out on the forum posted em' since you asked
jakee1178 years ago
hi! linuxhaxor posted on how he was going to iran! that is so cool... im going to canada on a high adventure canoe trip in like a week and a half... its ten days long should be fun ... good luck in iran
linuxmom (author)  jakee1178 years ago
You back yet??? Hope it was a great adventure.... my canoe trips to the Boundary Waters in Northern Minnesota long ago in my youth have given me wonderful memories that are still vivid and they gave me a great appreciation of the beauty of the great outdoors that I will never outgrow.
that's exactly where I went! I just got back around an hour ago. it is really beautiful out there there were many families of loons and eagles. it was great. we started from the Charles L. Somers canoe base in Ely Minnesota and we went 125 miles it was great, and i hope to post an instructable on a cool trick i learned while i was out there:the trail sauna
linuxmom (author)  jakee1178 years ago
Welcome back!. Ah, to hear the loons........you're making me a little homesick.
you lived in Canada!? lucky... it was funny, when we got back to where the border was, 3 guys in our crew started singing the national anthem as loud and as deep as they could while we crossed back into America
linuxmom (author)  jakee1178 years ago
Nah, Minnesota!
that was cool too we were based at the Charles L. Somerers canoe base in Ely Minnesota
linuxmom (author)  jakee1178 years ago
Curious......did you see any moose?? I only saw one and boy did she bolt when she realize we were in the canoe watching her!