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MAVREV136 years ago
i have a ? what would u have to say is the most weirdest looking shuriken out here in the real world and why do shurikens have the hole in the middle is it to carry them???
littlemog92 (author)  MAVREV136 years ago
I honestly don't know I have left the subject of japanese weaponry behind.

When in construction of them when I was younger I used a helpful website/ search engine known as google. Now I know we have newer and better things in search engines and call me old fashioned but I like to use google.
Sun Gear7 years ago
your avatar is reeeaaally cool. <(-.-)>
joemonkey9 years ago
hey, wut happened to your bo needle instructable?
joemonkey9 years ago
hey i hope you like the mod i did on your bo needles, and i really hope i am not offending you by posting this. comment me back if you like it
littlemog92 (author)  joemonkey9 years ago
i am mortally offended........ nah just kidding those look pretty good. Nice throwing teqniqe( yes i know its spelled wrong) there are many techniques but hey if it works for you.... there is a nice site called [secrets of the shuriken do] that is very helpful with techniques for throwing. but .... you cant beat the original unless it sucks like those coat hanger ones.. shudder.So.... cool keep at the shuriken WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ewilhelm9 years ago
Thanks for sharing your project, and welcome to Instructables!

Let me know if you have any questions.

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