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  • lonejack commented on liquidhandwash's instructable Vermiponic Garden10 months ago
    Vermiponic Garden

    Thank you for Your well-done Instructions. This gives me a step, by step picture of how the process is to be completed.My sister and i have discussing setting up a vermiponic system here in Western Washington State. We don't have contend with Your weather extremes, yet. (Word has it that we are entering a 200 year solar minimum, so we will see what weather we get for the next 10 years.) Systems such as these might be the only way we can grow food.I am interested in high food value plants, such as, Watercress, (which will grow very well in a moist gravel bed,) Bok Choi, Chard, Spinach and Beet root greens.All of these happen to be cool weather plants, so we should be able to grow these, even if the weather does change.Again Thank You!!

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