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GTRPLR19956 years ago
What rc car do you have??? I have a rustler VXL and the very first stampede. lol
looking4ideas (author)  GTRPLR19956 years ago
I've got a savage XL but now it looks nothing like a XL because of all the race mods I did to it, then I got a mini revo waiting for mods, custom made micro T and a off brand on road nitro drift car. I had some others come and go but these are the ones I currently have :)
finnrambo7 years ago
Is the hpi savage xl worth the money or should I stick with the cheaper savage x 4.6 instead loo king for a second truck cant decide Im strictly a basher
looking4ideas (author)  finnrambo7 years ago
ok what ever u do dont get traxxas if ur a basher they will brake on the first jump. Here is the thing: XL has a better drive train that will last much longer, better diffs that will last longer, its wider and longer that gives it stability and it comes with a hump pack. X: just has a better mill they both use the same plastic parts so if u can allways find parts for the savages. I would say go with the XL. Then when ur motor poops out buy a Picco.28 or a LRP .28 spec 3 and remember bigger cc of the motor doesn't mean its faster.
I disagree with your traxxas comment. I run traxxas all the time and granted they have broke but not from jumping. Its mostly been from cartwheelin them like 100 times. Traxxas makes some very nice vehicles so I wouldn't go hating on them. By the way, you exaggerated way to much with the whole breaks on first jump thing. I can't wait for the day when Traxxas comes out with the fastest most durable rc car cause im getting sick and tired of hearing HPI this HPI that. You HPI fans just wait. IM SEEIN REVO 5.5 IN THE FUTURE!!!
I need something that will run stock for years also noticed a GST 7.7 by cen is this one better than the savage x 4.6 or should I just stick with the savage x 4.6 love the idea of reverse
looking4ideas (author)  finnrambo7 years ago
The reverse has many flaws it will be a major head ache.Visit this site and join the forum they will help you out with your choice. I am username Sir Sudi Savage PM me any time u need help.
finnrambo6 years ago
 what pit tools should a first time nitro guy get can you please make a list
Derin7 years ago
heh fenerli linux ben ttt'yim(takım tutmayan taraftar)
looking4ideas (author)  Derin7 years ago
ahh olmadi hadi seni fenerli yapalım
yok ya
Derin Derin7 years ago
bu arada,amerikada mı yaşıyorsunuz