• DIY: Illuminated House Number Powered By Solar Panels

    I don't know if it is the same with a laser but with a router if the engraving is done on the rear face, the etched area is much brighter viewed from the front side.

    I don't know about a laser but with a router doing the etching it the light it brighter on the front side.

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  • Getting Started with NeoPixel / WS2812  RGB LED

    Oops, I should have mentioned that

    No because the 12vdc leds have three leds in series , however, with these addressable leds, it is normal to connect power at different points along the line. I usually connect pos and neg wires at every metre to combat voltage drop.

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  • loskop100. commented on goldfishrock's instructable Shed 12v Solar Lighting System3 months ago
    Shed 12v Solar Lighting System

    Good job and well thought out but stainless steel is one of the worst conductors of heat. also hard to cut and drill. A sheet of alluminium would work better, 1mm thick would work fine and much easier to cut and drill.I fold some " wings " on the sides to get more metal exposed to the airflow. It gets hot in my shed in the summer and I haven't had a problem with it , yet.

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  • loskop100. commented on deba168's instructable Smartphone Controlled Arduino Rover3 months ago
    Smartphone Controlled Arduino Rover

    Apple has locked out any bluetooth connection except for ear phones and some keyboards, but has recently started using BLE (bluetooth low energy). The apps for these are thin on the ground and very expensive. It is much cheaper to just buy cheap Android phone or use an ESP2866 which has wifi instead of bluetooth.

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  • loskop100. commented on jdeboi's instructable Classroom Clock4 months ago
    Classroom Clock

    Aha, I only said that it was doable, not that it is easy but there are ways to make it easier. You could increase the width between the segments to stiffen them and if you glue the acrylic pieces to the back of the front board then you that will reinforce the segment cutout panel further. I have tried cutting out those segments on my home made cnc router and the pieces between the segments broke when I was using mdf and even with ply .However, if you make the front\ really only as a facia and the build the rest of the enclosure but you should end up with a the look that you want.See ifn you can get hold of some jig saw blade that are thin, mostly used for cutting veneers and such. As you have probably deduced, I am changing the way that the AUTHOR built his project but only because I understand more about cutting stuff out of various materials than I will ever understand about coding and pixie wrangling so perhaps look at the instructable like a student essay, read and correct perhaps, make your changes as if notes in the margin/

    I forgot to say that MDF ( or HDF if you can get it ) is better for cutting as it sands easier than play and doesn't leave a furry edge or tear out on cross grain but the MDF needs to be sealed all around with shellac or similar, pay close attention to the edges, to keep it from warping and swelling with time.

    Hi glennorp, I find your posts a little puzzling because being a teacher you already know that very little knowledge is known, it is all the result of learning. . Soldering a basic joint takes about 2 minutes to learn ( most people who say that they can't solder have either never tried or never read a "how to " on the subject) A lazer cutter will just do the same job as a jigsaw but a bit faster. For a template you could import a picture of the seven segments into inkscape, export and print them full size that you want and glue them onto the board you choose and cut them out with your jigsaw and clean up the edges with some sandpaper.By the comments that you have made it seems to me that you want to have a go so perhaps, just start with cutting out the seven segment pieces first before buying the rest of the parts, 6mm (1/4inch) is easy to cut using a metal cutting blade and is easy to sand straight and smooth and is only a couple of dollars and when you are happy with that then consider buying the rest of the parts. I have 2 autistic grandkids and am going to build some of these for them and their school to replace the ones that I made that just have different colours for different events ( I hadn't thought of making an actual clock so thanks AUTHOR ) and I have just ordered all the electronic parts for $A18 delivered from our Asian friends and the perspex I get from a plastics factory from their off cuts bin for a case of Fosters for a boot full: you don't need a full sheet, just enough to cover the holes. Good luck with your project as being a teacher I believe that you already have all the skills required to achieve your goal.

    Thanks for posting this great idea and for all the work involved to bring it to us. I am going to have a go but change a few things and include a wifi NRF24L01+ 2.4GHz Wireless RF Transceiver Module and addressable led strips as well as cheaper parts, hopefully your code will still work with MINOR mods as getting my head around coding is causing the rest of my hair to fall out.

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