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Hello loyal subscriber, I wish you a happy Easter on this fine Sunday. I hope you have a lot of fun today doing whatever your family does on Easter. And as a knexer, continue to be innovative and post new guns, cars, and other things =D

lphillips094 (author)  beanieostrich3 years ago
thx man... i went to my grandparents house and airsofted with my cousins, fun day
Sounds fun, my half brother came over, and I made the W.O.P. Mk1 today =D
lphillips094 (author)  beanieostrich3 years ago
sweet... i found a beat up toy car in a giant pile of sticks, i am now the proud owner of a dodge viper
Cool =D
KnEx_MaStEr4 years ago
grenade launcher?
KnEx_MaStEr4 years ago
lphillips094 (author)  KnEx_MaStEr4 years ago
it might be a bit. i am putting on some finishing touches and improving the power. Im guessing this weekend because it is labor day weekend, but maybe not because I have a cross country meet. you will just have to see. PS- sry
Thanks for subscribing!
lphillips094 (author)  shadowninja314 years ago
its kool man. hey i love your mp5, haven't made it yet but i will as soon as possible.
lphillips094 (author)  shadowninja314 years ago
so are you going to design any new guns soon?
Yeah. Im in the jamalams contest.
lphillips094 (author)  shadowninja314 years ago
thats awesome! so u r becoming one of the best knexers in the world!