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Redgerr8 years ago
hey, i like ur icon-- but i think you may have taken the idea from someone else ;) am i correct lol? :P
those have been floating around the web for just about forever, I have even seen a Mac version
Derin Redgerr8 years ago
he is john smith with a few upgrades like vista:P
lunchboxslayer27 (author)  Derin8 years ago
haha yea, the upgrades r vista, and less swearing XD
lol i suppose... but i dont consider eather a swear :P
lunchboxslayer27 (author)  Redgerr8 years ago
I don't consider crap a swear, but my parents consider damn a swear, so I guess I do as well. lol
lol okay, i see :) no worries :P
Redgerr Derin8 years ago
yup lol
this is because of its bed. if it has a tunnel and a chamber resembling a real burrow it should not dig and scratch as much in the corners. my gerbil has an 'underground' sleeping area and doesn't scratch as much as she did when i put a small house in there. she sleeps under that yellow plastic you can c in the pic and its full of beding and she tunnels through it to the corner where she sleeps.:) tell me what her house/bed thing is like and i can come up with an idea for a tunnel
he sleeps in wood chips, and he burys himself in the corner. here are a few pics of him and the wood chips. also, he deosnt scratch the corners anymore. is there any way to tell how old they are? and thanks for all your help! =]
you dont have to but he may prefure a house of something to sleep in with beding because it kepps them warm. hes probly fine but you never know. this does also mean that you might not see him as much because they need somewhere where they feel safe hidden away when he gets scared or something. in the wild gerbils stay hidden away in their holes for ages even when they are awake. you might have noticed but he will probly only come out when he is taking a dump, he's hungry, he's thursty or he,s checking something out like a new smell or object in the cage. i cant see from the pics but if you havent allready you need to find or buy a china or metal bowl and put chinchilla sand in it, otherwise their fur gets all roughed up and looks scruffy. most pet shops have it if they dont then sue 'em... lol :) i dont think there is a way to find out how old he is. i dont even know how old mine is. ive had her for about 2 weeks but i know a hell of a lot about gerbils cos i read up about them before i got her. :)
actualy ask who ever it was who gave them to you how long he had had him before he gave him to you that should work i just read up that gerbils are about 2 months old when they are taken to a pet shop for sale so mines most probly 3 months old. :)
also how do i tell when u r on line
i have no idea lol maybe i could try 2 find out

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