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  • lynnekz commented on MotherDaughterProjects's instructable Concrete Pumpkins9 months ago
    Concrete Pumpkins

    How much does this weigh?

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  • lynnekz commented on sw4p's instructable NEKI: Nerd Key Ring (Qr-Code Key Ring)1 year ago
    NEKI: Nerd Key Ring (Qr-Code Key Ring)

    This is so cool. I've got to make one for myself and some of my nerdy friends will be getting them for Christmas. Instead of a plain piece of wood, you could use a counter top laminate sample. It's a good size, has a design on the back, and you can get them for free from your local hardware store if you ask nicely. Sometimes they even have a hole if they kept the samples on a big ring. I got a whole ring full of samples (probably over 100) once from a local store. They were all discontinued patterns. I made a ton of crafts with them.

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