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  • maccapen commented on jessyratfink's instructable chorizo and sweet potato chili recipe12 months ago
    chorizo and sweet potato chili recipe

    I've never heard of chorizo had to do an image search on it. Just wondering if there is a substitute for it so the dish can be enjoyed by vegitarians ?

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  • Convert your 4th Gen iPod to use Flash Memory

    after having outrageous success with my Ipod 7th (still running well) I bought a cheap Ipod 4th this time I got my 1. SD card (micro with adapter) 65 gig for $19 from Ebay Aust (seller item 281578038026) and a 2. flash card adapter for $9 and a 3. CF to IDE adapter $2.26 (crazy).But sadly even though the 1. Sd and 2. flash adap work will with windows Ipod wont see it. Thanks RickH51 I'll try a new 3. CF to IDE (at that price be worth the effort).

    note Tarkan no longer sells these I think he's passed every thing over to https://www.iflash.xyz/ also he doesnt seem to sell iPod 4th adapters my mistake. The 7th is a zif connection (ribbon), 4th is micro ATA (pins)

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