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  • machinejack commented on michael.j.feierstein's instructable Table Saw Rust Removal1 year ago
    Table Saw Rust Removal

    From 40 years of tool and die making experience I find IMHO WD-40 has no place in the shop. It fish eyes any thing painted anywhere around it. Gums up when it dries plus when used for long time storage it attracts dust and you end up with a messy film on your tools . I used LPS to some success. On my table saw I use Johnson past wax applied with some scotch brite. On the milling machines I use just a light machine oil, marvel mystery oil, 20 wt non detergent works well. The old gentleman that ran the shop would not allow a can in the shop. But then we only used lard oil and kerosene for cutting fluid so go figure.

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