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  • madflower commented on JunieGenius's instructable Haunted Robotic Teddy Bear4 weeks ago
    Haunted Robotic Teddy Bear

    I think it is awesome! If the arduino has gpios left, you might get away with something like: you can run the lights for the pattern with the gpio outputs and skip the tethering.. if you run them off a pwm you can get them to dim and stuff in haunted mode.

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  • Interfacing Digital Compass (HMC5883L) with Raspberry Pi 2 using Python3

    Worked perfect! I used like a hobby king ublox neo-m8n gps plus magnometer. It only had the sda, and scl wires on the 4-pin ardupilot/pixhawk i2c connector for the mag (which i cut off) but it worked! :)

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  • madflower commented on sixsmith's instructable Dirt Cheap Charcoal1 year ago
    Dirt Cheap Charcoal

    Same here when I did mine.. But I used a 55gal drum, and it isn't a closed retort like yours, and probably doesn't make as good of char, but it is close enough for the moment. But my object was to get rid of the brush pile and have something to show for the work. :)

    A simple rocket stove would be far more efficient for providing the heat. You could also put a bigger can around it or just mineral wool insulation to keep the heat in.

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