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Sept. 3, 2016
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  • mail2adobe1 commented on Kiteman's instructable How to defeat a witch1 month ago
    How to defeat a witch

    the artwork I send you does not really show the truth how many people, worship devil instead of God. Once you step in, you are lost.

    your comments are funny, however besides of funny stories that only blur out this problem, - there is plenty of people, mostly those are gypsies, who practice occultism. There is an old and very well known saying in the gypsies tradition, "do not say anything against devil or God, as you do not know to whom you will belong to". I think it explains alot. I am not going to say anything more, than those people who have supernatural properties or knowledge, are the ones who are possessed. It is had to believe even to me, but the properties they have, are inherited by their children the same way as the course or the famous "mark". I do not joke. Please do not believe that they exist only in the books. The one from books are very different from those who in a real life. It can be your neighbor or anyone else who does not look like that. Not all gypsies have such properties but most of them have. I warn you, do not even try anything such as tarrot, fortunetelling, bioenergotherapy.... They seem to be helpful however once you start it, you invite a devil into your life, and he will not leave you. Those are people who have a pact with devil and their children who inherited the same properties. Not only me, but also some of my friends, confirmed the same what I experienced on my own. Stay away from them. Keep children away from them. Do not invite them to your house. Many times, they are called "medium", which means that this is a possessed person by whom acts the devil manifesting its supernatural power in different way, that always earlier or later causes a harm. They are not your friends.

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