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Sept. 21, 2010
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  • The single most effective way to get rid of a sunburn

    Had the misfortune at our first ever family camp to have the four year old pour boiling water right down the side of his leg. That's when I realised we were 2 hours from any hospital, miles from any residence, no large quantity of cold clean water, pre mobile phone & no first aid kit. Son went into shock. Soaked several tea bags in luke warm water & plastered the teabags on the burn site with toilet paper; wrapped the leg with more tp to hold in place then a 2 hour fast drive to an ED. The leg blistered badly but none of them burst. No infections, no complications & it healed well. Only thing was the skin at the scald site was darker for about 10 years!! Tannin really does work ( a proprietry burn ointment in my youth was called Tannafax

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  • Remove Seized & Stripped Screws from Motorcycle Engine Covers

    Ah soft Phillips Head screws on old Hondas. Brings back many memories :-) WD40 is not great for this but way better than nothing. Penetrene, Inox, CRC etc are much better. An impact screwdriver used properly will work on all undamaged screws. Replace any that are looking bad, use a nickel antiseize rather than a copper based one. (water around the combination of copper & aluminium leads to spectacular corrosion)Another tip: a pin point butane torch applied to the screw head while a wet rag on the surrounding casing will often work well too.Third tip; gasket sets can be hard to come by for these old bikes; reuse the old gasket but coat all mating faces with Permetex No3, wait 5 minutes & assemble. Use a torque wrench set to correct value. Traces of the Permetex will enter the screw holes & work as antiseize & friction lock. The Permetex will also prevent the gasket sticking to the aluminium & fill those tiny imperfections on the mating surfaces. It cleans off completely at next disassembly with alcohol. Much MUCH better than using silicone.

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