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bongomon5 years ago
You are a seriously amazing photographer. Your Instructables are really cute and fun ideas but what really sells them are the beautiful photographs that go along with each step. I just wanted to take a moment (as a fellow photographer) to praise your talent there as well.

maize (author)  bongomon5 years ago
Thank you! I'm still learning photography and I appreciate your noticing that I'm trying harder!!! :)
HollyMann maize3 years ago
wow - learning? :) No you have a gift!
maize (author)  HollyMann3 years ago
Thanks. You're sweet to say that. I have a long way to go though! :)
HollyMann3 years ago
I just commented on your crocheted bouquet - so beautiful! And said you looked beautiful in the pic but I'm guessing now it wasn't you! I love your profile pic too! Someone is also a great photographer! :)
I just perused your blog and wanted to let you know that your work is poetic and beautiful. I love it all. I will definitely be a regular visitor to you blog. Thanks for adding a little love to the world.
maize (author)  peace, love, art5 years ago
Thanks so much! :)
maize (author)  peace, love, art5 years ago
You are BY FAR one of the sweetest person who's ever left a comment. Thank you! You made my day!!!!
kjclarke maize5 years ago
u r the best i like your ring with the rose it was good i just wanted to say that!!!!!!
:P + :3 +happiness
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