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  • makertech commented on darbinorvar's instructable LED Fairy Light Globes5 months ago
    LED Fairy Light Globes

    Very cute idea! Love them!

    Since she brought up Harry Potter, I thought of an idea to plant the battery pack inside a stack of old books. Not sure how I would do it, but if I do I will share.

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  • makertech commented on eric_greaves's instructable LED Headboard10 months ago
    LED Headboard

    Love this idea. Thank you for talking about the issues you had creating the headboard. As DIY'ers we have ideas, but until we start building, never know the issues we will encounter. I built a headboard for my son and wanted to incorporate lighting, because he was also a late night reader, and can't tell you how many things I tried. DIY is not always easy, and sometimes we probably spend more fixing our mistakes that if we purchased an item that might have also worked. But the gratification of the final product is SO worth the expense. Thanks!

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