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  • manskybook commented on bryank54's instructable Copycat Sous Vide Eggs ( STARBUCKS )1 year ago
    Copycat Sous Vide Eggs ( STARBUCKS )

    This recipe is basically the Anova site recipe without the blender. I've tried the Anova recipe, which was fluffy and delicate. I used a tablespoon of mild green chilis in some, a bit of ham in others. Also, the 4 ounce canning jars aren't easy to find, except to order a dozen on Amazon."Finishing" the eggs -- broiling the tops, or frying them -- makes for a better presentation. You can also go "hipster" and serve the eggs in their jars. Use paprika or cayenne to give flavor and color on the top, before cooking.I thought that silicone muffin liners might add another dimension, but haven't tried it yet. And, sure, bacon is great, but you could run through a multitude of vegetarian options with onions, mushrooms, and peppers (hot and mild).

    I presume their subcontractors have pre-made forms. Not hard to imagine, I suppose. What's the optimal width to re-heat in a coffee shop?

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  • manskybook commented on mdhanaraj's instructable My First Homemade Pizza from scratch1 year ago
    My First Homemade Pizza from scratch

    Can you tell us more about the decision to use cheddar cheese instead of the more traditional mozzarella?

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