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kota254 years ago
please send me your email address at ( because i have game ideas and if you helped me make them i would probably split the money
5% to me, 95% to you because you would be doing most of the work and i dont really need the money i just want my idea made by someone and be able to play it and know its being played by 1000 other people would be awsome and if you know any tutoriols that are really good for game making that would be nice to.
brassb7 years ago
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mappum (author)  brassb7 years ago
You seem like the kind of loser who has no job and reads instructables all day, listening to your video game music and wishing you had a girlfriend, wondering why nobody is attracted a 5 foot middle school student who watches star wars. If you think I have no life, maybe you should figure out what lives really are and stop trying to look like you can enforce instructables and be a hero to little 6th graders. Maybe because I don't comment people much on instructables means I have no life to you, but to normal people who really do have lives, we don't just comment people all day and use the same boring "insults" to try to look like we are more mature. If you really feel this way, maybe you should be a elementary school guidance counselor, but please spare normal people this type of talk here.
Just saw these. Looks like he's copying and pasting insults on random orangeboards.
brassb mappum7 years ago
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we know that happened to you, but why should it happen to anyone else?