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estudie en el chacabuco de moron y en la edet 3 de merlo...curse ing electronica en utn frba.. y LAMENTABLEMENTE, se le sa cayó una semilla que no se les tenía que caer... empleos: pirelli, carrier,nashua,lexmark,verizon que te puedo contar.......
  • The Introduction of LM2596 Step Down Power Module DC-DC Converter

    what is the power of your panel? I have a 10watts andsucessfully charging a pack of 4 18650 batteries with 16 volts... be carefull to the regulation need to press the right button moderately (neither short, nor long press) setp 1in this tutorial..... minimun srop down voltaje is 1 you will always have 1 volt less than input... demasiado!...el maximo es 33volts..y se recomienda no pasar de 30 volts..

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