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  • How to Repair Plastic Bumper Scratches

    what brand of putty type stuff did you use in step 4? (fill scratches) Ex instructable btw!

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  • marcpilot1 commented on makjosher's instructable Simple Sheet Metal Brake: No Welding6 days ago
    Simple Sheet Metal Brake: No Welding

    And weight? Would some rigid c make it heavier? Or not enough to make a difference?

    Eexcellet idea. I cant be the only one that wished I had a brake here and there for stuff around my shop. I always thought they'd be just a lil to much money though, I'm just now getting brave enough to spend any extra money on a mig welder(feel free to recommend ANY, I used to be welder 20 years ago), and I always thought it would just sit out there taking a whole lot of space for only a few bends on things here and there, rarely. So to me, this is an ex idea for a "starter" brake!

    Impractical? Elaborate? Is it too big or something, doesn't work well when you're all finished, cost to build too much maybe? Could you elaborate a bit? Thanks.

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  • marcpilot1 commented on luxOthebot's instructable LuxO's Open Joinery 32" Smart Mirror3 months ago
    LuxO's Open Joinery 32" Smart Mirror

    haha. Thats so true. Every man knows that too! So guys...modofy, add, design, implement, do what ya gotta do.

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  • marcpilot1 commented on baweja_akshay's instructable Dot² - An Interactive Coffee Table9 months ago
    Dot² - An Interactive Coffee Table

    Could you give some examples of what exactly i can make it do? Like, can i play an old "pac-man" game, maybe leave messages for someone, make a phone call/text, watch videos from somewhere? I'm sorry, just not at all familiar with what some of the things it would be able to do. I'm so on the fence about making it! If it was possible to get it to do some things I'm really interested in, I'd Def build as it looks pretty nice even if it didn't have technology built in! Oh, one last thing, can you upgrade to anything in the future? Thanks, and really nice instructable too!!

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