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  • Arduino Bluetooth Master, and Slave Using Any HC-05 Modules

    Ok, thanks a lot! Your project is very helpful, I struggled for days trying to figure out how to connect them. Yours is the only one that actually works. I'll try to connect the HC-06 too, thanks for the link.

    I used the AT+CMODE=1 in serial monitor and they linked. it works now but i have no idea what happened. I didn't change anything. Do you think it's possible to connect an HC-06 instead the HC-05 using that command?

    No, in the beginning i thought it was the wiring but I changed it multiple times. Then I changed the arduino board just in case there was something wrong with that, but in the serial monitor i couldn't get a reply again. So I programmed the slave bluetooth with the arduino board that works correcly and then i swiched it with the master and I programmed it also. They didn't link with the AT+BIND=..... command so I tried the AT+MODE=1 and it worked. I also tried to connect the HC-06 but it doesn't work, maybe it needs some changes in code?

    I'm using 2 HC-05 ZS-040 Bluetooth modules and 2 arduino micro. I switched the Bluetooth modules between them and now the master is the one that works. So I changed the other arduino micro with an arduino uno and I still have the same problem. Both modules enter AT mode because the led is blinking every 2 seconds. The wiring and the baud rates are correct. This is what I get:

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  • Arduino Bluetooth Master, and Slave Using Any HC-05 Modules

    Hello, the code worked perfectly for the slave bluetooth but when I try to do the same for the master it doesn't enter AT mode. I followed all the steps and when i'm pressing AT at the serial monitor it doesn't do anything. Can you help?

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