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  • markstutzman commented on tomatoskins's instructable Benchtop Disc Sander2 months ago
    Benchtop Disc Sander

    Are you sure you understand the purpose of this website?

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  • markstutzman commented on belsey's instructable Urban Mushroom Farming1 year ago
    Urban Mushroom Farming

    Sealing the cut ends of the logs with wax was a BAD idea, and likely contributed to your long colonization time. Since the bark itself is waterproof, the cut ends are the way that additional moisture gets into the log. Also, the size of the log will affect the colonization time. A larger log will take longer to colonize, thus longer for the first flush to appear. For instance, Fungi Perfecti's recommendations are to use 4-foot oak logs, LESS THAN 8 inches in diameter: years ago, I plugged some 5 inch diameter oak logs with shitake, and they started fruiting in less than a year.Also,

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