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you are the best. have you ever considered making stop still animations?
920335 years ago
PS...Forgot to mention. Consider using PAPIER MACHE' in your projects. Simple to work with...strong as a horse when completed by adding a layer of auto bonder. Hollywood Studios have created life-size horses with it...a local auto dealer has one on display outdoors with the horse rearing-up on its hind legs. Many possibilities to anyone who has a creative imagination. TAXIDERMISTS use it all the time...a staple product for us 'stufferers'. ~ ED
marshon (author)  920335 years ago
I have used Papier Mache in the past but the long drying time drives me nuts. Resin sets in 12 minutes.
920335 years ago
WOW...Really great stuff from a Creative Imagination. We share a lot in common. Problem is that frustratingly I don't have room to play like this anymore, danggit. THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR TALENTS.
~ ED
marshon (author)  920335 years ago
You're welcome
Kryptonite6 years ago
I love the dragon skull Instructable!
marshon (author)  Kryptonite6 years ago
Thank you, glad you enjoyed it.