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I know this is a bit late but thanks for following!
susanrm4 years ago
Thanks for the follow!
Gena_Rumple5 years ago
Thank you for subscribing to me. It is most appreciated. (^_^)b
bertus52x115 years ago
Thanks for subscribing! Let me know if I can be of any help.
sunshiine5 years ago
Pandas got my vote! So cute.
mary candy (author)  sunshiine5 years ago
oh thanks very much.
I'm glad you like him :*
You have been missed girl!
mary candy (author)  sunshiine5 years ago
Just because I have been working a lot last days.
People want to learn German, so I teach every day
from 7 am to 11 pm ;)

Ah by the way, last Friday I bought a sew-machine on internet.
Soon I'm back with news.
Wait for me :* :*
Ah how kewl! I hope you will be soooo happy with it! I can't wait to see what you come up with! You are so creative! I'll bet your students love you! I can barely speak English haha.
mary candy (author)  sunshiine5 years ago
ahhaha so I do with my Portuguese. And English I do what I can.
But German I learned right, because I lived there for a couple years.
I'm so exited to get my machine !
When you make it, would you consider a sneak peek??? LOL! Would love to see your new beast!
mary candy (author)  sunshiine5 years ago
You're right, my next project is literally a beast.
Actually this is for the Halloween Contest :D
so You'll need to wait a little.
Make me suffer eh? If you need a bread basket liner pattern I made an ible for one. Only takes the most 1 hour for an inexperienced seamstress. They are great to serve bread in. I am very soon making a thing to cook in the microwave with! So you will just have to be patient like me I guess! Teehee
mary candy (author)  sunshiine5 years ago
Sunshine ! I got my sew machine today .. woo-hoo !!!!
Now let's work for the Halloween contest.
Mary! Mary! Mary!!!!!! Will you give me a sneak peek? I am really happy for you!
You are going to have a truckload of fun girl. Sewing is addictive. Have fun! Weekend has probably started there! Get going girl.