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Hmm...haven't updated this in about 5 years... Lets see, still single, fewer bills, same car...guess thats life...


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  • mattcintosh commented on yehole13's instructable How to Make a Custom Vinyl Record Clock3 months ago
    How to Make a Custom Vinyl Record Clock

    I was at a garage sale and found this. I don't have a pic of the front, but from the back you can see they somehow heated the record, pressed it in a mold and then added a clock mechanism to it

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  • mattcintosh commented on dave5201's instructable How To Hide a Wall Wart Transformer3 months ago
    How To Hide a Wall Wart Transformer

    That doesn't appear to be a two line phone. Why is there 2 phone jacks on the back?

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  • mattcintosh commented on Trochilidesign's instructable USB Volume knob4 months ago
    USB Volume knob

    Reminds me of the "Griffin Powermate" http://www.ebay.com/sch/?_nkw=griffin powermate. Solid aluminum, heavy. Adjustable Pulsing blue light on the bottom. Can be configured for any running program.I used to use mine heavily when I worked in large spreadsheets all day and still use it sometimes for video editing.

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  • How to Make a Pure Black Photography Background

    I have some rather high power eyeglasses and the plastic lenses make the colors separate on the sides. Especially those LED signs that business are putting outside. I went with glass lenses and the chromatic aberration went away. Thats part of why good camera lenses are glass.

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  • How to Make a Pure Black Photography Background!

    I always hated the edge bleed I got when taking a picture with a white background. My DSLR (Kodak SLR/n Pro) would get severe purple fringing if I tried to take a picture of an object outdoors on white fabric or paper.

    Hmm, the images didn't show. I also added a 3rd one. CRT blooming. Basically the pixels are so bright they start to bleed into the surrounding pixels. Notice Scooge's white areas vs the lines to the right. Those stay "in the lines" while the white "colors outside the lines"

    The white would be too bright and cause the nearby pixels that should be dark to be way lightened up. Kind of like if you took the 20 pixels at the edges of the object, went into "levels" and cranked it up. I'm thinking there are too many photons and they are bouncing off the sides of the lens and inside the camera body and hitting areas they shouldn't1st image: purple fringing2d image: chromatic aberration

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  • mattcintosh commented on ChristianB73's instructable Arduino UNO Professor6 months ago
    Arduino UNO Professor

    I have about 60 of those 2x16 character LCD screens that I got out of some slot machines. They have a 14 pin connector on the back.If anyone wants some, I can do $4 each including shipping to the USA, minimum order 2.

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  • How To Build A Vacuum Tube Tesla Coil (VTTC)

    Are any of the tubes getting overdriven? I heard running tubes the wrong way can produce X-rays https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLSu_UjrcUA

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  • mattcintosh commented on GreatScottLab's instructable DIY Portable Mini Monitor9 months ago
    DIY Portable Mini Monitor

    I picked up about 18 new 5" touch screen panels that I think were spares for some industrial equipment. I have them listed here if anyone is interested or wants to make me an offer (I only have 6 listed, I got more later, but didn't get time to check them over)http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-SGD-Solomon-Goldentek-LM7810FBL-97-02614-97-02559-5-Touch-Screen-/331894465456

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  • mattcintosh commented on AaronN2's instructable $12 Secret Code Box9 months ago
    $12 Secret Code Box

    I have a bunch of similar keypads left over. I think I have about 50 of them. If anyone wants all of them, I'll do $30 including shipping to a buyer in the USA.http://www.ebay.com/itm/QTY-2-ACT-Components-16-Key-PinPad-Keypad-Keyboard-2x8-Layout-/231697601118

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  • How to salvage a DVD Drive For Free Parts

    I work with a scrapyard that dismantles computers & electronics. They have pallet sized boxes of wires, computer cards & motherboards, telecom, old stereo equipment, flat panel displays, DVD drives and pretty much anything else electronicswise. I can buy pretty much anything there, except hard drives, and if anyone wants a bunch of something ( box of 50 DVD drives anyone?), if someone makes it worth my time, I can get it and get it shipped out.

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