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Aug. 22, 2016
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  • mauslein commented on makendo's instructable Loft beds with bookshelf ladders2 months ago
    Loft beds with bookshelf ladders

    Hi makendo, thank you very much for these plans. I'm in the process of building the bed now and for the most part it's been pretty easy thanks to your clear instructions. I'm using the cloud bed plans. One thing I can't figure out is how my bed frame is roughly 3.5 cm wider than the stairs/bookcase. I assume the frame and the stairs/bookcase should be the same width (100cm) since it looks like the frame fits into the notches of the outside vertical posts of the stairs/bookcase, although the instructions don't explicitly say they need to be the same width. I've checked my measurements and compared them to your plans and it all seems correct. So before I chalked it up to my mistake and re-do the frame I wanted to ask if I was missing something. Thank you for any thoughts you have, and again, thank you so much for the plan. My daughter can't wait for me to finish it!

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