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  • mc_bobbing commented on susanrm's instructable Kidney Support Homemade Cat Food1 year ago
    Kidney Support Homemade Cat Food

    Hello, I understand that this post is quite old and no recent comments. But thought I'd try my luck anyway. My boy, Franklin T has been diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease and was wondering if the above would be applicable to him as well. My vet has recommended the Royal Canin SO wet food and hasn't been much help in regards to a more natural diet. I'm loathe to keep Frank on this long term ( finishing the pack up that he'd been given whilst under observation at the vets with uti). Unfortunately where I am, most vets aren't versed in alternative methods for cats and they're next to clueless when it comes to homemade, filler free diets and it is infuriating! Any info is much appreciated.

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