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  • mdempsey617 commented on kris754a's instructable DIY SOLAR FLASHLIGHT1 year ago

    Hello!This project is awesome and just what I was looking for. I am traveling to Honduras in a few weeks with a group of engineering students and we are attempting to teach children at an orphanage about solar energy. On top of that, we are wanting to give these children a sustainable technology they can use in their everyday life - hence the flashlight. Due to the frequent and unpredictable power outages the orphanage faces, I was wondering if there was a way to make this particular design last for a few hours rather than 30 minuets. Would replacing the capacitors with rechargeable batteries help? I would appreciate any suggestions you have.Thanks!

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  • mdempsey617 commented on BrownDogGadgets's instructable $3 Emergency Solar Radio1 year ago
    $3 Emergency Solar Radio

    This is amazing! I want to use the same idea, but with LED lights. What type of safety precautions would I need to do this?Thanks!

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