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meddler (author) 10 years ago
no idea, i just like crop circles and the pattern appealed to me. And to answer the next probable question, I have no idea if ufos are real and i don't care ( not trying to be snooty or anything) i just like the designs they are cool.
Twlight meddler7 years ago
Its a key work from The Amory Wars saga by Claudio Sanchez


at least that's what it looks like to me
OMG Claudio Sanchez! Singer of Coheed & Cambria!
i like the one that has about 7000 circls in it... the one that has 6 arms... you know which one...
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kkinney9 years ago
I saw your posting on making a staff sling. I assume you're attaching one end near the end of a pole and have a ring on the other end. The secret, as with any trebuchet, is the shape of the trigger. Here's an idea how to start - Get a 10 penny nail and drill a hole for it down the middle of the pole. Cut the head off. Now glue it in while leaving a couple inches sticking out. Make sure the ring on the free end is large enough for the nail, but too small to go down the pole. To delay the ring release, curve the nail forward, in the direction of the throw. Play with it until you have the right shape. Best of luck!!
Illidan10 years ago
would that be the mark of nurgle by any chance?