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Sdk1135 years ago
Do you think that if me and my dad started to make the costume in about a week, that it would be able to be done by October 31st (Halloween)? Thanks. :) I think that your tutorials are great!
melgre2 (author)  Sdk1135 years ago
I think that would be enough time. That's over two months, which would be plenty of time for me. But it kind of depends on the rate you work. I think that if you and your dad are both working on this costume, you should have plenty of time.

And thank you! I hope I could help.
istraume5 years ago
Hi! I really love your "how to" on the Cays Wig :D the best one so far, and I found it very helpful!
Are you going to make a "how to" on the unitards aswell? I sure would like it if you did :D
melgre2 (author)  istraume5 years ago
Thank you so much! I'd like to make a 'how-to' for unitards, but there are so many different ways to paint a unitard, and it's not exactly my forte. I will make one about the warmers, tail, and some basic makeup tips, as I'm more confident about my skills in those areas.

I will link you to a website that has very useful information about unitards and other aspects of Cats costuming. http://www.jelliclecostumes.com/ This website was very helpful when I first started making my own costumes.