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March 24, 2015
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  • mesmerize commented on JackB99's instructable Neon Glow Bike with EL Wire Kits 7 months ago
    Neon Glow Bike with EL Wire Kits

    I used to have this setup but I made the mistake of getting the smaller thin gauge EL wire and it simply wasn't bright enough. Definitely for those wanting to do this make sure you don't cheap out like I did so make sure to get the same EL wire mentioned by Jack.I've gone 1 step further using flexible waterproof RGB LED strips. They have a controller with lots of options to change colours, make them flash, make them fade to different colours. I've setup 3 different circuits (Front forks, Main frame and rear frame) so I can have them all on different settings or match them to be the same.Great project Jack looks great and the video's are brilliant!

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