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Jan. 29, 2009
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  • MariahJ3 commented on messmaker's instructable How to over-ride a shutdown virus2 months ago
    How to over-ride a shutdown virus

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  • messmaker commented on messmaker's instructable How to over-ride a shutdown virus5 months ago
    How to over-ride a shutdown virus

    Awesome thinking! I know of a variant using the narrator executable also found in system32, basically the same logic/idea. Although if the network administrators are illiterate you could use a boot-kit to login to the administrator account; though this procedure would be easily blocked. At the technology institute I attended (after I'd written these tutorials) I could access a network administrator account that was hidden to users. Although the accounts we logged into had administrator rights over the computer, we did not have network administration rights. We also had a freeze-state process that reverted the computer back to its original state at every start-up. Although when looking around the system I found a un-used administrator account within the "net user" command of terminal (command prompt/cmd). The account didn't show up at start-up until you revealed it with "net user administrator /visible:yes". Once the reveal command had been input; you could simply switch user and login to the administrator account which had just been activated. This allowed me to disable remote interference from the real network administrators and also allowed me to send remote commands to the computers on the network (which included everyone). This could include remote shutdown commands, remote desktop and anything else you could think of. Although I'm not sure how many institutes would use the same configuration, its still worth taking the logic from.Sorry about the spiel; but if you'd like to know anything, I'd be happy to try and help although I wouldn't consider myself an expert. facebook.com/timmy.sloane

    Sorry, I no longer use instructables. I recently logged into an old e-mail account to see a few e-mails from instructables and decided to have a look around my old account. This is a very primitive tutorial might I add. If anyone looking at this has any questions regarding more advanced programming whether it be in this language or higher level programming I will do my best to help.

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