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  • mgoodfel commented on Vulcaman's instructable Vulcanus V1 Reprap 3D-Printer 300€1 year ago
    Vulcanus V1 Reprap 3D-Printer 300€

    You can find all the OBJ files here:'m not sure what you'll get out of it. GeyserDown.obj has the complete design, minus a few nuts and screws. The various pieces also have their own files. Let me know if there's anything missing.I was thinking of doing an Instructable on my design, but I'm still not completely happy with it. I used a bed level probe like my PrintrBot, but I'm not getting really good results with it. I also didn't have a fan on the extruder, and I probably should. So there's at least a bit of redesign still to come.

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  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B : A Beginners' Guide

    I had no trouble using an HDMI monitor with the Pi 3. For input, a wireless mouse and keyboard worked fine. The tiny little adapter sits on the USB port and takes no space at all. For power, I used the little brick off my Samsung tablet. It outputs 5v at 2A. The Pi plugged into my home router via ethernet just fine. I used WinSCP to move files into it from my desktop.For grins, I sent over a large OpenGL project I've been working on. It all compiled, but unfortunately the OpenGL implementation wasn't up to spec. It did run some of the code though.

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