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    Bike-Portable Shopping Cart

    I'm sorry, but this seems like a solution in search of a problem. I think that a homemade bike trailer ote even saddlebags would be more effective for transport on the road and a cheap, folding wire basket would work to get your purchases into the house. Yeah, you'd have to transfer your goodies from the trailer to the basket, but how much stuff will you actually be carrying by bicycle?

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    How to Buy an Ex-Ambulance

    People die in ambulances all the time. They just aren't officially "dead" pronounced do by a doctor. Where do you think the term DOA comes from?I had an uncle who drove an ambulace. He was called to an accident site where the victim had been decapitated. He transported the remains to the hospital rather than wait on someone from the morgue to show up. Miraculously, the victim wasn't "dead" until the doctor certified him as being so. The victim's official time of death was several hours after the time of the accident.

    I think that starting with a retired, medium-sized moving van would be a better starting point, unless you need all the specifics that come with an ambulance.All the U-move rental companies have them for sale, but I doubt that you will get a bargain buying from them. There are too many competitors looking to start their own, independent moving companies for that.

    I think the slide-in idea is a good one, but you are limited by the pick-up. As has been said before, an ambulance is basically s box truck. They have the engine, suspension, braking system for heaver loads.Rater than starting with an ambulance and stripping it down to a box van, why not start there? All the U-drive-it rental companies have these for sale. You probably won't get a bargain there though. The is too much competition from guys trying to start their own moving businesses.If you do get one of these vehicles, the fit-out doesn't need to be permanent. You could build separate slide-in units customized for different purposes. On could be for your construction business. Another could be for RV/camping. Still another could be fitted for remote ham operations. The slide-in units could be stored in the backyard and used for their purposes, eben without being installed in the truck.Having removable units would be handy if you ever needed to sell or replace the truck body as well. You wouldn't lose all your custom fit-out work. Just find a new, compatible truck and you are ready to go!

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    In the photo, are the coolers full or empty? Obviously, full coolers will be less bouyant than empty ones. Plus, those look to be so!e pricey coolers to be ruining for any other purposes. Any thoughts as to using those cheapo Styrofoam type coolers? Using those and good old duck tape might give you a single-use type project.

    Any thoughts as to possibly using a chair in place of the recliner and some pedal power waterwheels? Nah, probably too much work for such a fun project.

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    11 unusual uses for straws

    Another painting use is a cheap and disposable airbrush. Simply take a standard drinking straw and cut partway through at about 1/4 of the way from one end. Bend the straw at a 90 degree angle. Insert the long end of the straw into a bottle of the paint you want to spray and blow through the short end of the straw. Obviously, thin, runny paints are to be used. Yo do have to blow fairly hard to get a good spray. Otherwise, it just splatters. You'll have to experiment to see what results you can achieve. You won't repaint your car using this technique, but it works for small projects!

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