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  • michaels989 commented on makingcustomknives's instructable How to Build a Forge (Gas)6 months ago
    How to Build a Forge (Gas)

    However, MAPP, with the proper setup, will burn hotter, esp. if you have an oxygen feed.

    The blowtorch is a form of forced air intake. It works similar to an airbrush. Instead of pressurized air it's pressurized gas, and instead of paint it siphons in air.

    Nothing wrong with the ol' coffee can. I repurposed mine for a lead smelter.

    It does heat faster with less fuel, but it has no carbon content in the gas, so the wood/coal/coke would be ideal, a slow heat is less stress on the metal, and improves the form, while solid fuel will increase the carbon content over time. Also slow cooling in coal/coke powder will harden and increase the carbon content.

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  • michaels989 commented on Armeria Garcia's instructable Cable Damascus6 months ago
    Cable Damascus

    When heated, metal wants to resort to its original shape. The cable is tightly wound when it's made that it can't return to its original shape anymore, but it still wants to. The warping is caused by the different inner strands flexing, because they weren't fully fused. The more time you take, the better the steel comes out.

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  • michaels989 commented on ilovegm's instructable Hidden blade concept6 months ago
    Hidden blade concept

    Well, the removal of the finger was only symbolic, representing the sacrifice the blade demands, but I like how you think.

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