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  • michanz commented on manuka's instructable Introducing LoRa™ !2 years ago
    Introducing LoRa™ !

    Hi, why do you think that the for LoRa required range of 863 - 870 MHz is legal ? It only would be compliant if there is no use above 868. The band 868 - 870 MHz has a restriction of -27dBW. It is not possible to restrict the use of LoRa below 868 MHz. This would not be in accordance to the existing LoRa standards. same applies for European equipment for wireless M-Bus. A compliance request to RSM regarding 868 was rejected. The -27dBW (2mW) does not allow a decent operation for a wireless network.The conclusion for me is that the 863-870 MHz band can't be used in NZ. Same allies for AUS. Regards Michael

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