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JonnyBGood6 days ago

Never mind! Thanks!

JonnyBGood7 days ago

Hey mikeasaurus,

My hungry hippo instructible is featured, so why isn't it on the featured page? Will it just take longer to get there?

anders6254 months ago

thanks for following

Thanks for following me

clockworkfish4 months ago

Hey thanks for the follow, I have to say your work has blown my mind! I look forward to seeing what you make next!

hunter9995 months ago

Wow! Its a honour to have you sub to me mike! Thanks a bunch and have a great day! :-)

nerfrocketeer5 months ago

Hey Mike! Thanks for following!

ixisuprflyixi5 months ago

Mike! Hey, you have a secret doors, compartments etc collection.... Would you be willing to add my IBLE it?

Thanks for looking.

kelseymh5 months ago

Hi, Mike. Just FYI, the "Site Updates" forum category is locked by default. Postings there do not have the "Add Comment" option at all. You might be able to get your topic unlocked, or maybe you can persuade the leadership that the category should not have been locked in the first place.

JonnyBGood6 months ago

Hey Mike,

Recently I noticed the akshat21045 was deleted. All I really want to know was if this was an administrative override or did he delete himself. If you can't tell me, that's okay. Just curious because he doesen't seem to be the person who would say something that would get him kicked.

Please get back to me when you can.


Thanks for subscribing, it means a lot to me. :)
mikeasaurus (author)  sandroknexmaster7 months ago
Large K'NEX creations blow my mind. Stay awesome!
And thanks for the pro membership!
Thanks :)
JonnyBGood1 year ago
I was curious about your latest ible' you posted. It had a rating system on it. Is this marking the return of the rating system or is this just a test for it?