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wj.higgs5 years ago
Hey, could you post a picture of the inside of the pedal?
sdu preez5 years ago
Hey, in your distortion pedal instructable. at step 11, can you swap out that resistor for a 10k pot? would that be possible?
oelefante6 years ago
Hello, i just finished this basic design, but it isent working. When the battery is out, the guitar plays fine, with a clean sound. As soon as i plug in the battery it goes mute. Also, i noticed that no current is going throuh the entire bottom part of the circuit (when i touch it it makes no buzzing sound, the top and middle part do). Any idea on what my problem is? I plan on expanding the project tomorrow to fit volume and distorion controls, as well as a LED and a on/off buttom, so i kind of need to fix the basics first! Thanks for the instructable and hope you can answer me
mikehayworth (author)  oelefante6 years ago
Hey, the battery thing, well i dunno to be 100% honest, but the reason that the bottom half is not buzzing when you touch it is because it is the ground, so that is totally normal for it not to buzz. Maybe the battery is dead because that would make the circuit either very quiet or mut, check battery, check circuit, thats all i can think of that could be wrong
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