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  • mikwalker commented on Zaqq's instructable Raspberry Pi Touch Screen Car Computer1 year ago
    Raspberry Pi Touch Screen Car Computer

    I've gone down a 'different' road. I've set up a Raspberry Pi media sever (minidlna) and isc-dhcp-server with a very small USB powered WiFi access point that I got for £2 and an old 320 GB USB drive all in the boot (trunk). The power is via a 5V 3A UBEC (model aircraft power supply) that can handle up to 26V input. The 'front end' is a 7" android tablet (£25), running Kodi (with CarPC-touch_carbon skin. A bit of XML editing was needed to get this installed) and Maps.Me (offline maps!) for navigation that plugs into the car stereo via an Aux input. This allows me to manage media content from my desktop PC to the car via Wi-Fi and when not in use, the tablet's in my pocket. There's nothing visible to steal

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