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FFVIIBOY6 years ago
your youtube file is up and running
milleh2006 (author)  FFVIIBOY6 years ago
GTRPLR19956 years ago
Soooooo, when are you gona post something new???
milleh2006 (author)  GTRPLR19956 years ago
sooooooo there goooooo
lol, cool
FFVIIBOY6 years ago
FFVIIBOY6 years ago
im putting the Turk Video on youtube- Its gonna be called The Turks: Ep.1 Turk Training
Hi there bro.............. =]
 And a sister!!!!! amazing .

Ummmm............... wha?!?!
 I found a family on instructabules WOW, i feel special! 
she means bro as an expression, like hey bro, their not siblings
What are you talking about??
FFVIIBOY6 years ago
Dude i made a youtube file and im uploading the first video
FFVIIBOY6 years ago
Ryan made a file hes crazycrobat i think